Morten W. Fagerland, Stian Lydersen, Petter Laake

Statistical Analysis of Contingency Tables is an invaluable tool for statistical inference in contingency tables. It covers effect size estimation, confidence intervals, and hypothesis tests for the binomial and the multinomial distributions, unpaired and paired 2x2 tables, rxc tables, ordered rx2 and 2xc tables, paired cxc tables, and stratified tables.

For each type of table, key concepts are introduced, and a wide range of intervals and tests, including recent and unpublished methods and developments, is presented and evaluated. Topics such as diagnostic accuracy, inter-rater reliability, and missing data are also covered. The presentation is concise and easily accessible for readers with diverse professional backgrounds, with the mathematical details kept at a low level.

  • Synthesizes modern developments in methodology that are scattered throughout the literature
  • Detailed presentations of approximately 250 statistical methods, with evaluations of their properties
  • Detailed analyses of more than 40 real-life examples from medicine, health, and the social sciences
  • A separate chapter on sample size calculations
  • In-depth treatment of meta-analysis
  • Each chapter ends with recommendations for practical use
  • Can be used as course material, as a guide for practical applications, and as a reference work